Brooklyn Bridge: An Outdoor Photography Experience

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My close friend Jose asked me for a compilation of photos that would set a stepping stone to his career path in becoming an Actor/Model. Shortly before the photo-shoot I began preparing myself by looking at b&w images of great actors such as Johnny Depp, George Clooney, and Heath Ledger. My most recent guilty pleasure and inspiration for this photo-shoot was Frank Ocean’s photos in GQ magazine.

In this day and age, I think that looking for a particular look may be easier with all the resources on the internet. The mission was to get as much depth of field and a sharp look. Prime lenses such as the good ol’ 35mm 2.0 was a must for this shoot. I receive a lot of ridicule for my camera, the Canon 5D Mark 1 is a pretty old camera but I still believe it gives me what I want.

Quick Tips:

When it comes to outdoor photography, and using natural lighting, be sure to adjust the ISO setting as well as temperature on manual mode. If you are in a crowded place do not lose hope… Someone once told me that nearly 15% of films in hollywood are filmed in one alley way, shhhheeeeesh. Take advantage of what you have, this is your shoot, your vision, don’t let anybody change that. In terms of your subject, make them comfortable by not enforcing but suggesting what they should do.. I am pretty sure that your subject wants a great outcome just as much as you do.


ISO should be at 100 for sharp results and fstop ought to be between a 5.0-8.0


Canon 5D Mark I

Canon 35mm 2.0


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